Judo Forum Magazine no. 3

Originally published December 1998

Included in this issue is an instructional article by Master Coach Gerald Lafon on non-traditional ukemi. Even if you are not a competitor the skills involved in these drills would be an excellent addition to your movement base.

Linda Yiannakis submitted her second interview with Steve Cunningham, a fascinating article on kata; its history and its relevance.

Jim Haynes sent in a fond remembrance of his first sensei.

Judo Forum Magazine no. 3

Judo Forum Magazine no. 2

The second issue of the Judo Forum Magazine was published in July 1998.

It featured an article about your liability in a self defense situation? Alan Duppler, a practicing attorney and a former States Attorney in North Dakota explains the “use of force and the law.” The first in a series of articles on the Martial artist and the Law.  (I should note that Alan Duppler was a local judoka, died 2013.  He is missed.)

Jeff Ficek contributes an article about how they built a low cost mat for the Bismarck Judo Club.

Mark Gorsuch reviews a biography on Mitsuyo Maeda, better known as Conde Koma. The book is entitled “A Lion’s Dream, the Story of Mitsuyo Maeda”. The author is Norio Kohyama. This book won an award as the 21st century International Best Work of Non-fiction, from a Japanese weekly publication called SAPIO.

I have always been fascinated by Geof Gleeson and my judo has been strongly influenced by him (a man that I have never met.) About 10 years ago I followed the advice in one of his books and developed a kata that I used for many years in my club. The story of its development is inside.

Mike Penny contributes our first Dojo Spotlight.

Judo Forum Magazine no. 2

Judo Forum Magazine no. 1

Judo Forum Magazine no. 1

Referencing the previous post, The 1996 Essay, after a stirring conversation on Steve Cunningham’s Judo List and years of complaining about the lack of a judo magazine I decided to start one.  The first issue was dated February 1998.

The Judo Forum Magazine was published for free.  Readers were encouraged to make copies of the magazine “as-a-whole” for free distribution and for the purpose expressed, i.e. to educate about judo.

The first issue included an interview with Steve Cunningham by Linda Yiannakis. Steve shares with us his tremendous knowledge of the history of the Kodokan prior to 1938. A must read piece about Classical Judo.

Judo Forum Magazine No. 1