Judo Forum Magazine no. 1

Judo Forum Magazine no. 1

Referencing the previous post, The 1996 Essay, after a stirring conversation on Steve Cunningham’s Judo List and years of complaining about the lack of a judo magazine I decided to start one.  The first issue was dated February 1998.

The Judo Forum Magazine was published for free.  Readers were encouraged to make copies of the magazine “as-a-whole” for free distribution and for the purpose expressed, i.e. to educate about judo.

The first issue included an interview with Steve Cunningham by Linda Yiannakis. Steve shares with us his tremendous knowledge of the history of the Kodokan prior to 1938. A must read piece about Classical Judo.

Judo Forum Magazine No. 1


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I taught Judo at North Dakota State University from 1980 to 2012. The Judo program consisted of a credit class and a judo club. Over 32 years about 3,000 students took the judo class.
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